Travel Guide La Gomera

History, Nature, Beaches, Culture, Cuisine, Fiestas and Specials of La Gomera.


Playa de Valle Gran Rey on La GomeraValle Gran Rey

The legendary valley of the great king is the most popular destination on La Gomera.

Playa and promenade close to the harbourPlaya Santiago

The fishing village Playa Santiago, in the delta of many beautiful ravines, lies in the sunny south of La Gomera.

Beautiful valley of Hermigua on La GomeraHermigua

The traditional village lies in a wildly romantic valley in La Gomera’s green north.

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Popular Hotels

Hotel Playa Calera

Stylish hotel in La Playa close to the beaches with pleasant rooftop pool and fantastic views of the sea.

Comfortable hotel in Playa SantiagoHotel Jardin Tecina

Excellent hotel on a cliff overlooking the sea and the island of Tenerife with its majestic Pico del Teide. The Hotel Tecina is surrounded by a beautiful garden of over 70.000m².

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Beautiful pool in the Jardin del CondeAccommodation in Valle Gran Rey

You can find accommodation to suit every taste in the Valle Gran Rey: directly at the beach in La Playa, in La Puntilla, in La Calera, in Vueltas, in Borbalan or in the quiet upper valley.

Beautiful garden in the Hotel Jardin TecinaAccommodation in Playa Santiago

The small fishing village Playa Santiago lies at the delta of beautiful ravines in the sunny south. Beautiful accommodation invites you to relax.

Beautiful Holiday Apartment with Canarian Ambience in AguloAccommodation in Agulo

Beautiful accommodation in the north of La Gomera can be found in the beautiful town Agulo enchants with colonial buildings and crooked lanes.

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Hiking & Trekking on the green island of La GomeraHiking

By hiking and taking long walks, you have the chance to thoroughly explore La Gomera. Wonderful spots can be reached by following old donkey paths, steep hills or pleasant forest paths.

Whale Watching

Encounters with playful dolphins and even whales off the wild coast of La Gomera.


Golf is becoming more and more popular on La Gomera. The combination of exercise, experiencing nature and relaxation could be the reason for this.

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Beaches of Valle Gran Rey

The valley in the west has some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, such as the fine-sandy Playa de Ingles, the long Playa de Valle Gran Rey or the the protected Charco del Conde.

Beaches of San Sebastian

A few metres away from the centre of town, the capital has two beautiful beaches, Playa de San Sebastian and Playa de la Cueva.

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Regions of the island

The West of La Gomera

Traditional villages such as the popular holiday destination Valle Gran Rey merge inconspicuously with the wild mountain landscapes of the island’s west.

Beautiful valley of Hermigua on La GomeraThe North of La Gomera

The attractive towns in the wide, green valleys make the north of the island the ideal location for a relaxing hiking holiday.

Playa and promenade close to the harbourThe South of La Gomera

The south of La Gomera is a region where sunshine is guaranteed. Idyllic hamlets lie in the wild ravines and are slowly coming back to life.

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Los Organos

The massif to the north is considered to be the nicest basalt formation of the Canaries.

El Silbo

Because of the many deep ravines on La Gomera, the inhabitants developed the whistle-language El Silbo, a unique form of communication which has been added to Unesco’s list of conservation-worthy cultural assets.

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La Gomera has so far been spared from package holidays. Guests can find nice accommodation in hotels, private apartments and typical small houses dotted all over the island.


La Gomera now has completed bus terminals, the Estaciones de Guaguas. However, these very promising facilities can’t be seen as a measure of comparison to the present bus network.


Food on La Gomera is hearty, simple and very tasty. Fresh herbs and sophisticated preparation provide a culinary treat.


The Canarios are very proud of their artistic and historical heritage. The Spanish Culture mixes with the customs of the Gomeros and South-American influences in an especially attractive combination.


For planning a journey to and excursions from La Gomera to Teneriffe, the ferry companies offer lots of information, up-to-date schedules and prices.


The Canarios are well known for their talent and desire to party. Even on La Gomera, the locals certainly know how to celebrate the different events.


Many renound airlines fly daily to Tenerife. The flight takes just over four hours. With a bit of luck, you can find a relatively cheap charter flight to Tenerife-South.

Highlights of La GomeraHighlights of La Gomera

Enchanted forests, idyllic bays, high cliffs, typical villages, impressive ravines, beautiful hiking trails and unique nature attract visitors to the wonderful Canary Island of La Gomera.


To this day, scientists cannot agree on where the original inhabitants of La Gomera came from. This leaves a lot of room for hypothetical and phantasmal explanations.

Holidays on La GomeraHolidays on La Gomera

Actively enjoy the fascinating landscape of La Gomera, discover hidden treasures off the beaten track. Experience typical towns and villages, celebrate exuberant fiestas.


The island La Gomera is very diverse thanks to it’s different regions and climatic zones. Short distances separate the different landscapes from one another.


In our colourful market place you can find cosy and romantic restaurants, accommodation for every taste, interesting leisure offers, a multitude of services and much more on La Gomera.


Flora on La Gomera consists of many specialised plants. The central massif of Garajonay separates the climate as well as the vegetation.

Rental Cars

A rental car is the easiest and best mode of transportation, to explore La Gomera individually. Discover nature and the diversity of the island at your own pace!

Specials La GomeraSpecials La Gomera

Here you finde some specials about the island of La Gomera. Like the legend of Gara and Jonay, information about Columbus and El Silbo, the special whistling language of the inhabitants of this canary island.


Travelling by taxi lets you travel exclusively and chose your individual route. Anyone wanting to go to a specific place, or return from one, for example after a day of hiking, taxis offer a good value for money option.

The Weather and the Holiday SeasonThe Weather and the Holiday Season

Nowhere in the world is the climate so pleasant as on the Canary Islands. La Gomera enjoys a temperate climate throughout the entire year.

Tips for La GomeraTips for La Gomera

Great tips will make planning your holiday easier. Choose your holiday destination carefully, because every region of the green island is unique and offers its own type of holiday.

Travel InformationTravel Information

In our travel information section, you can find information on whom to call in an emergency, to where to block your credit card and much more.

Travelling to and on La GomeraTravelling to and on La Gomera

La Gomera cannot be reached directly by air from the European mainland. For most holiday-makers the journey therefore begins with a flight to Tenerife. Ferries to La Gomera leave from the south of Tenerife.

Travelling with children

La Gomera is a nice destination for families or single parents travelling with children. The green island is known to be very safe and offers a varied and exciting background for young and old alike.