Food on La Gomera is hearty, simple and very tasty. Fresh herbs and sophisticated preparation provide a culinary treat. You’ll be amazed at the diverse specialities the island has to offer!


Almogrote: A puree made from grated ripened goat’s cheese, spicy peppers, tomatoes, olive oil and garlic.

Potaje de berros: A hearty soup of corn, onions, beans, pork ribs, potatoes, seasoned with fresh cress, paprika, cumin and salt.

Ropa vieja: A very popular pea stew with various types of meat, thyme and wine.

Garbanzas: The vegetarian version of ropa vieja.

Garbanzas compuesto: Peas with pork.

Rancho Canario: A pasta and vegetable soup.

Puchero: Stew made with grilled vegetables and meat.

Gofio: A mixture of roasted corn flour and barley which is not only served as an accompaniment to most dishes, but also sprinkled into coffee and wine by the Gomeros. It is worth trying some golfio con meil, golfio, goat’s cheese, honey and almonds, made into a bread and cut into slices.

Queso Blanco: Tasty goat’s cheese, which is often smoked. Its flavour varies between mild and strong, depending on the stage of maturity.


La Palma seasonally offers freshly caught fish (pescado fresco). It is very popular grilled or fried on a hotplate (a la plancha).

There is a very varied choice of fish on offer. Different types of bream(sama, dorado), pike (merluza), perch, sole (lenguado) and many more can be found on the menu.

A local speciality is the parrotfish (vieja). Additionally, many different fruits of the sea are on offer.


Locals have a preference for rustic meat dishes. The rabbit in a herb and white wine sauce (conejo en salmonejo) can be highly recommended. Kid meat (cabrito) is also served in a similar way. Chops (chuleta), chicken (pollo) and filet steak (solomillo) can be found on any menu.

Steak is cooked either medium rare (poco hecho) or well done (bien hecho) and served with cheese (al queso) or in a pepper sauce (al pimiento).

Side orders

Papas arrugadas con mojo: Mojo means sauce and ‘papas arrugadas’ means jacket potatoes. There are two types of sauce. One is red and very spicy. The ingredients used by the locals are peppers and chili. The other is green and consists of many different local herbs. Both are very spicy and accompany most fish dishes.

The special thing about the jacket potatoes is their salted crust. For this, the potatoes are boiled in sea water, until all the salt crystals stick to the skins. In combination with the sauce and fresh fish, it makes an unbeatable meal.

Ensaladas: Salads are prepared in a simple fashion. Because lettuce is not commonly used on the island, salads are made of tomatoes, onions, olives, peppers, corn and avocados. The salads are served with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper so that everyone can season their salad to their taste.


Flan: Vanilla pudding in a caramel sauce.

Frangollo: Corn pudding.

Quesillo: Perfect for people who like to nibble, a type of caramel pudding.

Principe de Alberto: Chocolate cream with almond flakes.

Bienmesabe: Almond cream with egg yolk and honey.

Tarte de cuajada: Cheesecake made from creme fraîche and eggs.

The perfect end to a meal

Cafe solo: Strong Espresso.

Cortado: Espresso with lots of condensed milk.

Carajillo: Espresso with a shot of Brandy.

Baraquito: Espresso with condensed milk and liqueur.