The Canarios are very proud of their artistic and historical heritage. The Spanish Culture mixes with the customs of the Gomeros and South-American influences in an especially attractive combination.

In many places, there are still active folklore groups, who cultivate traditions. Dances and music passed down from generation to generation are an important part of every fiesta.

Visitor’s Centre in the North of the Island

The visitor’s centre Juego de Bole in Las Rosas allows you to get an insight into the way of life of the original inhabitants of La Gomera.

A small ethnographic museum has been added on to the exhibition rooms.

More Culture Topics

El Silbo

Because of the many deep ravines on La Gomera, the inhabitants developed the whistle-language El Silbo, a unique form of communication which has been added to Unesco’s list of conservation-worthy cultural assets.


The Canarios are well known for their talent and desire to party. Even on La Gomera, the locals certainly know how to celebrate the different events.

Bola Canaria

Bola Canaria is a popular sport throughout the Canary Islands. Precision, skill and a bit of strength is needed during these riveting competitions, which are held on a 25 metre long rolled out track.