Surrounded by a banana belt, Agulo is considered to be one of La Gomera’s most beautiful places. Its charm comes from the many colonial buildings and winding streets which make up the town. Agulo is situated in front of a red cliff-face, on a platform directly above the sea.

Agulo is known to be one of the first towns to be built on the island.

The landscape is composed of fertile terrace fields, jagged cliff-faces and the most wonderful view of the ocean and Teide, the impressive volcano on the neighbouring island of Tenerife.

A Worthwhile Sight

San Marco, the white parish church in Agulo, was built in Moorish style, designed by the architect Pintor Y Ocete.

The church houses a statue of Christ, by the Canarian artist Perez Donis, which should not be missed.

Leaping Through Flames

Every year at Easter, Agulo celebrates a giant fiesta, which reaches its climax when young men leap through fire as a test of bravery.

Lively music and an exuberant atmosphere are an important part of this event, along with cheers of encouragement from the onlookers.

The area surrounding Agulo

The green valley of Hermigua is only two kilometres to the east of Agulo.

The Garajonay National Park’s visitor centre at Las Rosas is also very close by. The must-see Juego de Bolas, can be reached by hiking from Agulo.

If you follow the island street towards the pretty village of Vallehermoso, you can enjoy a wonderful view of La Gomera’s romantic coast during this scenic drive from Agulo.

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