Christopher Columbus

The Island’s Capital is considered to be the departure point of Columbus’ journey to the New World. Even today, the island prides itself as being the „Isla Columbiana“ and islanders tell of how America was consecrated with water from La Gomera.

Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) departed on his journey of discovery, in the name of the Spanish Crown.

On the 12.08.1492, his fleet stopped off the coast of La Gomera to restock with provisions and water one final time before crossing the Atlantic. many locals, at least that is told today, were hired as sailors for his fleet and bravely stood at his side during the discovery of America.

The Beautiful Beatriz de Bobadilla

Even to this day, it is unclear how long Columbus remained on the island. It is said, that his love for the beautiful ruler of the island Beatriz de Bobadilla, delayed his departure.

The widow of Hernan Peraza, a beautiful and cruel rival of Queen Isabella of Castile, ruled over La Gomera after the murder of her equally cruel husband in 1487.

The only proven historical facts are that Columbus visited the island in 1492 and then later during his further expeditions in 1493 and 1498.

Water, with which America was Consecrated

It can never be proven, whether or not Columbus genuflected in the church on the day of Maria Assumption, if he really had a passionate love affair with Beatriz de Bobadilla or if the water of the custom house was used to consecrate America.

Isla Colombina

The sentence: „From here, Columbus set out“, adorns the coat of arms of the capital San Sebastian. Because of this, the townsfolk and tourism planners alike, have given the island the epithet „Isla Colombina“.