Places on La Gomera

Discovering lively towns and quiet mountain villages is what a visit to La Gomera is all about. The following summary gives you an overall outline of the many different facets the green Canary island has to offer.

Popular places

Playa de Valle Gran Rey on La GomeraValle Gran Rey

The legendary valley of the great king is the most popular destination on La Gomera.

Playa and promenade close to the harbourPlaya Santiago

The fishing village Playa Santiago, in the delta of many beautiful ravines, lies in the sunny south of La Gomera.

Beautiful town in La Gomera's northAgulo

The beautiful place in the north enchants with colonial buildings and crooked lanes.

Beautiful valley of Hermigua on La GomeraHermigua

The traditional village lies in a wildly romantic valley in La Gomera’s green north.

The town of Vallehermoso with the Roque CanoVallehermoso

The north western district of Vallehermoso is towered over by the 400m tall volcanic vent, Roque Cano.

San Sebastian

In the metropolis of the island, nothing can be felt of the big town hectic. Even so, this port on the east coast lures visitors with it’s cultural sights and La Gomera’s largest harbour.

The districts of Valle Gran Rey

Fine-sandy beach and promenade in La Playa in Valle Gran ReyLa Playa (Valle Gran Rey)

La Playa, with its many beaches and charming promenade, is a popular meeting point in the Valle Gran Rey.

Statue Hautacuperche on the beach of La PuntillaLa Puntilla (Valle Gran Rey)

Situated half way between the harbour and the Valle Gran Rey’s main beach, La Puntilla has its own small lagoon for swimmers to enjoy.

La Calera (Valle Gran Rey)

The stair quarter is an idyllic area on the slopes of the Valle Gran Rey. Its car-free streets add to its charm.

Harbor, ships and houses of Vueltas in Valle Gran ReyVueltas (Valle Gran Rey)

The Valle Gran Rey’s harbour quarter has lots of flair, thanks to its traditional bars and narrow lanes.

Green upper Valle Gran Rey with palmtreesUpper Valle Gran Rey

In the upper Valle Gran Rey, locals’ gardens enthral visitors; water comes directly from a spring.

More interesting villages on La Gomera


Situated in the sun-drenched south, 800m above sea-level, the town of Alajero is surrounded by fallow fields. In the winter months, fog sweeps in from the sea, giving the village a magical flair.

Playa de Alojera at the western coast of La GomeraAlojera

The vast settlement on the northwest coast of La Gomera lies in an idyllic valley, with palm trees in abundance. Towering above the settlement are imposing cliffs.


The mountain village of Chipude, on the plateau, is considered to be the oldest settlement on La Gomera. Even in the pre-Spanish era, the inhabitants knew to appreciate the fertile land near the cult mountain, La Fortaleza.

El Cedro

In a high valley on the northern edge of Garajonay National Park, lies the small village of El Cedro. Weekend homes, country hostels and a bar popular with hikers liven up the remote settlement near the misty forests.

Pottery village in La Gomera's highlandsEl Cercado

The typical stone houses and newer buildings of the well known pottery village in the highlands of La Gomera lie embedded in a beautiful terrace landscape.

Las Hayas

Bordering the national park and surrounded by palm groves, the idyllic mountain village lies in a hilly landscape. Thick trade wind clouds often pass over Las Hayas, which lies at over 1000m above sea level, allowing for year-round farming.