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The green island offers an abundance of possibilities, to harmonise body and soul. Regardless of whether you prefer working out or massages, naturopathy or meditation – La Gomera offers it all.

Valle Gran Rey especially, has no lack of naturopaths. This isn’t surprising, given how the wonderful scenery of the area offers the ideal environment for a relaxing holiday.

The following descriptions are aimed at giving you an introduction to the different methods of naturopathy:

Tai Chi

This century-old form of movement is especially healthy for the body. Tai Chi was originally developed as an effective martial art and is regarded in China as the crown of the three „inner martial arts“. Qi, or Chi is the source of vitality in everyday life and keeps immense energy levels in reserve for situations where self-defence may be needed.


A professional trainings programme, specifically tailored to your individual needs can alleviate physical complaints and help you to regain your physical fitness. A specialised work-out can accompany a therapy i.e. after a slipped disc or muscle cramps. Whether aerobics or rehabilitation, it should always be fun and should always be done under qualified instruction.


Acupuncture treatments consist of placing needles in specific parts of the body for therapeutic purposes. These points lie on the meridians of the body. The therapy reenergises the body by unblocking any disturbances to the flow.


Shiatsu is a Japanese method of treatment, which developed from Chinese naturopathy. It is believed, that people are defined by energy, which flows through the meridians of the body. If the energy is well balanced, the person feels healthy. However, if a disturbance is present, the person feels unwell, symptoms appear and illnesses develop. In Shiatsu, the energy flow is stimulated by putting light pressure on the body with the hands, fingers, elbows and knees. The aim is to let the energy flow unhindered again. During the treatment, self-healing powers are strengthened and the body is relaxed.


Behind the name (‚rei’ for universal, ‚kei’ for life power) is the thousand year old energy system, which originally comes from Tibet and India. The knowledge, which was accessible only to very few, was rediscovered by a doctor at the end of the 19th century. Reiki uses the hand to channel energy to the body and affected areas, allowing for blockages in the energy flow to be resolved and the healing process to be strengthened.


Yoga means connection, unification and control of the ‚driving forces’. It allows for a person’s wild senses to be bundled together and controlled, with the aim of self-realisation. Today’s methods and techniques use this foundation and aim to free a person’s suffering. In doing so, the body and soul of the Yogi is trained and flexible.


The massage comes from India and Southeast Asia and was developed more than 2500 years ago, by a northern Indian doctor Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a contemporary of Buddha and the doctor of the Magadha King Biumbisara. During a Thai-massage, local points are massaged, causing the inner, further away organ to be positively affected. Stretching exercises improve circulation of the skin, connective tissues and muscles.

Tui Na

Chinese Massage was first mentioned over 4000 years ago. based on traditional Chinese medicine, special techniques were used to treat and prevent illness. Physical and psychological forces are regenerated and reactivated through massage.

Qi Gong

The over 200 year old exercise method aims to insure a long, healthy life. Calm, almost meditative movements lend to optional relaxation. The flow of energy in the body is stimulated and any blockages are gently removed.

Regular exercises lead to self-healing qualities being activated. The body’s defences are strengthened. Qi Gong is practiced by athletes of other sports as a natural exercise system aimed at improving performance.

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