In the holiday destinations of La Gomera, nice beaches invite you to swim in the Atlantic. Nature lovers will be amazed at the isolated bays and quiet beaches on the rugged coast of the island.

Most bays and beaches have black sand and fantastically clean water. Some of the island’s beaches can only be reached by foot.

The hike will be worth the effort, when you see these out of the way beaches, which fascinate with their peacefulness, solitude and unique scenery.

Popular beaches on La Gomera

Beaches of Valle Gran Rey

The valley in the west has some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, such as the fine-sandy Playa de Ingles, the long Playa de Valle Gran Rey or the the protected Charco del Conde.

Beaches of San Sebastian

A few metres away from the centre of town, the capital has two beautiful beaches, Playa de San Sebastian and Playa de la Cueva.

More beaches on the island

Playa de Santiago

The coarse gravel beach along the harbour promenade, is protected from the surf by a jetty. Swimmers can safely jump into the waves from here.

A small area of the beach has been filled with sand. However, the remote bathing inlet in the south, accessible only by small paths, is far more attractive.

Playa del Medio

Playa Santiago is about an hour’s walk away from the lovely Playa del Medio. The protected bay with it’s gentle surf is popular with nudists. Between the rocks you can find the perfect spot to relax and sunbathe.

Playa de Alojera

The small district of Playa de Alojera is located in an inlet with a beach of fine black sand. A narrow, winding road slopes down to the sea.

The areas which used to house fishermen, have been transformed into small settlements over the past few years.

Directly next to the houses, cliffs tower over the beautiful playa. Two small restaurants offer Canarian specialities and fresh fish.

Playa de Hermigua

In Hermigua the word playa, for beach, means a flat access point to the sea. Because of strong surf in the coastal area, the beach is not particularly good for swimming.

Anyone wanting to swim should go to the nearby Playa de la Caleta.

Playa de la Caleta

The nicest beach on the north shore of La Gomera lies in a wind-protected bay, a few kilometres east of Hermigua. Picnic areas pay tribute to the long days spent at the beach.

A small bar is open in the summer months and offers fresh fish. The screed and strong current in this area of water should still be treated with caution however.

Playa de Vallehermoso

If you leave town and head in the direction of the sea, after about 3 kilometres, you will reach the Playa de Vallehermoso.

The gravel beach is surrounded by cliffs and because of the choppy ocean, should only be visited by experienced swimmers.

For this reason, a swimming complex was built. Changing rooms, showers and a snack bar surround this seawater swimming pool with a beautiful view.