Travel Information

In our travel information section, you can find information on whom to call in an emergency, or to where to block your credit card. And of course, you can find information on pharmacies, opening times, customs and immigration and much more.


Wild Camping is forbidden on La Gomera. The only possibility of camping legally is on the campground in El Cedro ‚La Vista’, which also has a restaurant.

The other camping grounds, which can be found on maps, have been established by local youths and are not officially for use by tourists.

If you attempt to camp in the Garajonay National Park, you face serious criminal charges.

Documents and Immigration

EU-citizens can remain in the country for an unlimited period of time. Pensioners and people without an income are however, still required to apply for a residency permit.

A valid form of ID is often required, for example, when changing money, booking a hotel room or renting a car.

Anyone wanting to take pets to La Gomera is required to have a veterinary certificate, including proof of rabies shots.


Spanish is spoken on the Canary Islands. South-American influences can also be heard.

Anyone who cannot speak Spanish should be able to communicate in English in the holiday resorts.

Medical Care

Some places on La Gomera have a „Centro de Salud“, which can take care of any medical basics. However, Spanish is generally the only language spoken there.

An E111 Form from your healthcare provider gives you the option of visiting a „Centro de Salud“ in case of illness.

Most doctors and personnel only speak Spanish in the „Centro de Salud“, which can be a big problem.

It is therefore recommended to find an English speaking doctor. Doctor’s visits and medication have to be paid in cash.

If you have health insurance coverage abroad, you can claim the costs back after your return home.

Hospital and Centros de Salud in La Gomera:

  • Hospital Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe in San Sebastian de La Gomera
    Tel: 922 140 200
  • Centro de Salud in San Sebastian de La Gomera
    Tel: 822 171 219
  • Centro de Salud in Playa de Santiago
    Tel: 822 171 196
  • Centro de Salud in Hermigua
    Tel: 822 171 318
  • Centro de Salud in Agulo
    Tel: 922 146 014
  • Centro de Salud in Las Rosas
    Tel: 922 800 977
  • Centro de Salud in Vallehermoso
    Tel: 822 171 170
  • Centro de Salud im Valle Gran Rey (La Calera)
    Tel: 822 171 187


As in all of Spain, the currency of the Canary Islands is the Euro. All major credit cards are accepted in lots of shops and hotels.

Cash machines can be found in any larger district, where you can lift money with your EC-card. Should you lose your credit card, please block it immediately!

Opening Times

The Gomeras take the Spanish siesta to heart. Little happens in the stores or on the streets of the smaller places in the hours of mid-day.

Stores open Monday to Saturday from approx. 9.30 to 13.00 and Monday to Friday again from about 17.00 to 20.00.

In holiday regions, stores can stay open longer. You will also be able to find stores open on Sundays and holidays.


In every larger district, you can find a pharmacy (farmacia). The pharmacies can be recognised by their green Maltese cross.

Generally speaking, they are well-stocked; it may however be helpful to pack a small medical kit before leaving home.

Pharmacies on La Gomera can be found, among others, in:

  • Borbalan, Valle Gran Rey
  • La Calera, Valle Gran Rey
  • Chipude
  • Vallehermoso
  • Agulo
  • Hermigua
  • San Sebastian

Photo and Film

Because of the strong colour contrasts and intensive light conditions, it is recommended to use film which is less sensitive to light (50 to 100 ASA).

Films can be bought almost anywhere, developing photos poses no problem.

More Travel Information

The Weather and the Holiday Season

Nowhere in the world is the climate so pleasant as on the Canary Islands. La Gomera enjoys a temperate climate throughout the entire year.