El Silbo

Because of the many deep ravines on La Gomera, the inhabitants developed the whistle-language El Silbo, a unique form of communication which has been added to Unesco’s list of conservation-worthy cultural assets.

Some of the island’s inhabitants still know the traditional whistle-language El Silbo. Normal sounds can be imitated through special techniques.

Flying Messages

Depending on the pitch and length of the sound, consonants and vowels can be imitated, allowing villagers of far away villages to communicate with each other via flying messages.

World Treasure

In the 1980s Unesco added the whistle-language to the list of world heritage cultural assets. Anyone wanting to experience El Silbo should visit one of the islands many fiestas or listen carefully whilst out walking through the beautiful island.

With any luck, a traditional whistled message can be heard. In the schools of La Gomera, El Silbo has become a mandatory part of the curriculum.

El Silbo LIVE:

[youtube id=”WZ5QzF88SHw”]