The South of La Gomera

The south of La Gomera is a region where sunshine is guaranteed. Idyllic hamlets lie in the wild ravines and are slowly coming back to life. The island’s small airfield was built above the popular port Playa Santiago.

Rocky mountainsides are covered with spurge and succulents, due to the long hours of sunshine.

In comparison, the dry terrace fields and plain, old houses stand as a testament to the hard living conditions of times gone by.

Popular places in the south

Playa and promenade close to the harbourPlaya Santiago

The fishing village Playa Santiago, in the delta of many beautiful ravines, lies in the sunny south of La Gomera.


Situated in the sun-drenched south, 800m above sea-level, the town of Alajero is surrounded by fallow fields. In the winter months, fog sweeps in from the sea, giving the village a magical flair.