La Gomera now has completed bus terminals, the Estaciones de Guaguas. However, these very promising facilities can’t be seen as a measure of comparison to the present bus network, which only offers the bare minimum of journeys per day.

Travelling by bus is ideal for those who want to relax, lean back and enjoy the passing views.

You can recognise the regular buses by their blue-green colouring.

Anyone wanting to get from one place to another quickly, or wanting to visit a specific destination, away from the bus routes, should look for another means of transportation.

A lesser developed bus network

It’s not seldom for bus schedules to change overnight, or for the number of buses running to be minimised.

If you are planning on getting the bus to San Sebastian to catch the ferry to Tenerife, make sure to check the schedule the day before you plan on travelling.

On the other hand, the bus does offer a practical mode of transportation if you are staying in Playa Santiago or Valle Gran Rey and are planning on hiking to or from the mountain villages.

Bus lines on La Gomera

Four bus routes are covered regularly. At present, bus transportation is somewhat limited.

Line 1 – Valle Gran Rey – Chipude – San Sebastian
Line 2 – Playa Santiago – Alajero – San Sebastian
Line 3 – Vallehermoso – Agulo – Hermigua – San Sebastian
Line 4 – Vallehermoso – Alojera

Popular During High Season

During the high-season in Valle Gran Rey it is recommended that you get on the bus at the point of departure, the Casa Maria in La Playa.

The reason for this is that as soon as the bus is full, the driver won’t pull into any other bus stops. Even though it has been opened for a long time, buses still don’t use the bus terminal in La Calera.

Getting to your accommodation by bus

Anyone arriving by ferry in La Gomera’s capital San Sebastian from Tenerife, will be happy to find a public bus waiting at the harbour to take you to your holiday resort.

Because the bus network is rather sparse, not everyone will be able to make use of this opportunity. In which case, rental cars and taxis make good alternatives.

Please note

The schedules change frequently and without notice.

Up-to-date schedules can be found in the information offices of larger places.