The Weather and the Holiday Season

Nowhere in the world is the climate so pleasant as on the Canary Islands. La Gomera enjoys a temperate climate throughout the entire year. Especially during the cooler months, the island attracts many Central Europeans.

The most popular time for visiting the island are the months from September to May.

Because not only flights, but also accommodation are booked out very quickly, it is advisable to book early.

Spanish holiday-makers prefer the summer months of July and August.

Holiday Season and Temperatures

In spring the average temperatures lie between 18 and 22 degrees and in Summer between 23° and 30° Celsius. It hardly rains at all between June and August.

Generally speaking, the daytime and water temperatures of the North are a few degrees cooler than in the South. The trade winds mean that more rain and cloudy days are to be found in the North.

The Weather in the Mountains

In the mountains in winter can, compared to the coastal regions, be surprisingly cool and rainy.

The differences in temperature between daytime and night, as well as between summer and winter, are much more predominant at altitude.