The fascinating scenery offered to divers includes bizarre rock formations, cliffs and sandy planes, not to mention a diverse fauna.

Diving is especially popular to the south of the island because the Atlantic shows itself from a peaceful perspective here.

In the ever changing diving areas off of La Gomera, you can not only see shimmering schools of fish but also much larger ones.

Diving Spots Full of Fish

Barracudas, pike or tuna can be found in abundance in the waters of La Gomera. Various species of ray can also be seen frequently.

Bright parrotfish, ocean perch, scorpion fish and trumpet fish can be found in many places.

Smaller Inhabitants

Large rocks covered in sponges and unique stone formations complete the underwater landscape, which offers brilliant conditions for even the smallest of life forms.

Besides magnificent anemones and sponges, many sea snails and crabs can be spotted.

Many Subtropical Species

You will be amazed by all the subtropical species such as trumpet fish, parrot fish, clown fish, as well as powerful stingrays, eagle rays and electric rays. Not to mention sierras, barracudas, tuna and zachis.

Brown or black and sometimes even tiger mauray can be potted, hidden in rock crevices.

Comfortable Water Temperatures

Water temperatures between 17°C-24°C, plus the comfortable island climate mean you can enjoy diving throughout the entire year.

Wetsuits are needed, since there is no discontinuity layer in warm waters.

Pictures Diving

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