Situated in the sun-drenched south, 800m above sea-level, the town of Alajero is surrounded by fallow fields. In the winter months, fog sweeps in from the sea, giving the village a magical flair.

The large holiday resort Playa Santiago and the island’s small airport both belong to the thinly populated community of Alajero.

The profits made from tourism allowed for a new town hall to be built.

Parish Church El Salvador

This simple church, built in 1512, impresses with its beautiful portal. Your view will be drawn to the dark bell tower, as well as the wooden statue of Christ in the inside of the church.

Indian laurels provide the churchyard with welcome shade.

From here, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Calavien.

Ermita San Isidro

The Ermita San Isidro, on the summit of Mount Calvarien (807m), can be seen from miles away.

A short hike brings you to this viewpoint, which offers a wonderful panorama of the southern coast of La Gomera.

Stone settings are a reminder that even the Ancient Canarians treasured this spot.

Ermita del Buen Paso

Roughly three kilometres above the town, the small Ermita del Buen Paso, complete with wonderful terrace, can be seen.

In mid-September, on the day of the chapel’s namesake, the longest procession of the island is held. It begins in Alajero and continues up the mountain path, accompanied by the traditional rhythm of dance.

Drago de Agalan

The island’s only wild drago-tree, stands impressively in a lovely valley, near Alajero. Legends are rife about this botanic rarity of La Gomera.
The drago can be visited by following a signposted, well-kept path.

Accommodation in Alajero

The village of Alajero is situated in La Gomera’s sun-drenched south. Alajero lies 800m above sea-level, between the large holiday resort Playa Santiago and Garajonay National Park. Beautiful accommodation invites you to relax.

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