Whale Watching

Throughout the year, you have the chance to meet playful dolphins in the coastal waters surrounding the island. With some luck, whales can be seen out in the open waters, with these exceptional boat tours.

If you book the tour for the afternoon, on the trip back you will quite possibly be able to catch one of the most spectacular sunsets La Gomera has to offer.

Wonderful hours at sea

No one vacationing on La Gomera should miss the opportunity of taking a whale and dolphin tour.

The boat trips, which often leave in the early morning, promise wonderful hours on the Atlantic Ocean and the chance to get very close to the most impressive of mammals.

Dolphins near La Gomera

21 species of dolphins have been spotted here, six of which are regular guests. The atlantic bottlenose dolphin can be spotted the most frequently.

These dolphins are approximately 3-4 metres long and have a dark colouring on top and a lighter tone on their underbelly.

These intelligent mammals often swim alongside the boats for hours at a time.

Fascinating Whales

Pilot and beaked whales also quite often stay near the coast. Sometimes even sperm, finback, minke and sei whales can be seen. An exceptional highlight is the large group of long-finned pilot whales, which lives in the waters between Tennerife and Gomera.

The very shy herd is estimated to consist of around 300 whales. The 6-7 metre long dwellers of the sea can be identified by their round dorsal fin and of course, by the spout, which produces an impressive fountain of water.

Tips for Whale Watching on La Gomera