Beaches of San Sebastian

A few metres away from the centre of town, the capital has two beautiful beaches, Playa de San Sebastian and Playa de la Cueva.

A small hike takes you to the somewhat further away, idyllic inlet, Playa de la Guancha.

Playa de San Sebastian

This dark city beach is mostly visited by locals, especially in the summer.

Protected by the jetty, the Playa allows for fun in the water without high swells. The Playa has a children’s play area to keep the smaller guests occupied.

Playa de la Cueva

The fine-sandy beach is known for being well-tended. It lies behind the massif, next to the jetty.

Passing through a 250m long tunnel takes you to the attractive beach. Wave breakers protect bathers from the rough surf.

Playa de la Guancha

The isolated beach southwest of San Sebastian can be reached by following a mountain path high above the sea. After an attractive hike of about one and a half hours, you reach the Playa de la Guancha.

A nice view of the neighbouring island of Tenerife can be enjoyed and the unique atmosphere makes the hike worth while.

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