By hiking and taking long walks, you have the chance to thoroughly explore La Gomera. Wonderful spots can be reached by following old donkey paths or steep hills, narrow tracks or pleasant forest paths.

The entire area of the Garajonay National Park is a fascinating hiking area.

Varied trails lead past imposing rock-faces, deep ravines and wildly romantic forests.

Locations for Hikers

Valle Gran Rey in the south west, as well as Vallehermoso and Hermigua in the north are considered to be ideal starting points for hikes to the diverse landscapes.

From these locations, wonderful paths stretch through luscious forests to breathtaking viewpoints.

Gear and Tips

To be able to completely enjoy the hikes, warm, waterproof clothing should be brought for all hikes above 1000 metres.

Sturdy and stable shoes are always a must.

The constant sunshine makes suncream and a hat, as well as plenty of water, obligatory.

Guided Tours on La Gomera

Less experienced hikers or those unfamiliar with the area have the option of joining a guided tour. The tour guides offer competent knowledge on plants and animals and the latest discoveries.

Group tours are especially advisable for longer treks.

Pictures Hiking & Trekking on La Gomera

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Tips Hiking & Trekking on La Gomera