The island La Gomera is very diverse thanks to it’s different regions and climatic zones. Short distances separate the different landscapes from one another.

Lush vegetation in the north, impressive rock formations, bathing-fun at the natural beaches and typical Canarian villages make up the diverse face of the island.

Regions of the island

The West of La Gomera

Traditional villages such as the popular holiday destination Valle Gran Rey merge inconspicuously with the wild mountain landscapes of the island’s west.

Beautiful valley of Hermigua on La GomeraThe North of La Gomera

The attractive towns in the wide, green valleys make the north of the island the ideal location for a relaxing hiking holiday.

Playa and promenade close to the harbourThe South of La Gomera

The south of La Gomera is a region where sunshine is guaranteed. Idyllic hamlets lie in the wild ravines and are slowly coming back to life.

Pottery village in La Gomera's highlandsThe Centre of the Island

The fascination national park Garajonay, with its evergreen misty forests, set the tone in the central highland of La Gomera.

The East of La Gomera

Rugged mountain slopes, isolated barrancos, lush valleys and idyllic villages and the tranquil capital San Sebastian de La Gomera make up this region.

Specials about La Gomera

Los Organos

The massif to the north is considered to be the nicest basalt formation of the Canaries.

El Silbo

Because of the many deep ravines on La Gomera, the inhabitants developed the whistle-language El Silbo, a unique form of communication which has been added to Unesco’s list of conservation-worthy cultural assets.

Bola Canaria

Bola Canaria is a popular sport throughout the Canary Islands. Precision, skill and a bit of strength is needed during these riveting competitions, which are held on a 25 metre long rolled out track.

Christopher Columbus

The Island’s Capital is considered to be the departure point of Columbus’ journey to the New World. Even today, the island prides itself as being the „Isla Columbiana“ and islanders tell of how America was consecrated with water from La Gomera.

The Legend of Gara and Jonay

Before the Spanish conquest of the island, the beautiful princess Gara lived on La Gomera. She fell in love with the poor peasant’s son from Tenerife, Jonay. He reciprocated her feelings and sailed on a raft to the neighbouring island every day, to visit his love.