Beaches of Valle Gran Rey

The beautiful valley in the west has some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, such as the wonderfully situated Playa de Ingles and the long Playa de Valle Gran Rey. Children can play safely at the protected Charco del Conde.

Playa de Valle Gran Rey

The valley’s longest beach stretches from La Playa, along the delta, the La Puntilla. Both locals and holiday-makers alike can enjoy the beach life here.

The green valley and it’s lush vegetation provide the perfect backdrop.

In the summer months, both sun worshippers and water-nymphs can jump from the black sandy playa into the blue Atlantic. However, in winter the rough Atlantic swallows up most of the sand and leaves only a rocky part of the beach free.

Playa de Ingles

The fine-sandy beach near the district of la Playa is considered to be one of the nicest beaches of La Gomera. The bay lies in a bizarre rocky landscape and is bordered by steep rock faces.

The beach is especially popular with nudists. Little niches between the rocks preserve the privacy of the bathers. Nevertheless, the sea should be treated with respect, only dive into it’s cool depths when the water is visibly calm.

Please be aware: Be careful when swimming in the ocean! Strong currents can form at the Playa del Ingles. Look out for warning signals, such as a red flag. Pay close attention to the sea before going in. Ask locals and other guests about waves and currents. Not all strong currents are immediately visible.

Charco del Conde or Baby-Beach

Even the Lord of La Gomera has enjoyed bathing in this shallow lagoon, surrounded by green hills. Today, many parents with toddlers can be found here, which is why the small area of beach is known as the Baby-Beach.

Playa de Vueltas

The dark sandy beach of Vueltas lies protected behind a jetty. The bay is especially popular with parents with small children. The beach in the inlet makes it possible for the children to swim and paddle safely.

At the minute, swimming is hampered by the extension of the harbour of Valle Gran Rey.

Playa de Argaga

Anyone searching for seclusion will consider the beach behind Vueltas’ harbour to be just perfect. A gravel track follows along the rock face and arrives at the rocky Playa de Argaga after a 15 minute walk.

A meditation centre is idyllically situated in the quiet bay.

Please be aware: Be aware of falling rocks. Ask locals and other holidaymakers about their observations and experiences.

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