The north western district of Vallehermoso is towered over by the 400m tall volcanic vent, Roque Cano. Green banana plantations, small vineyards and potato fields cover large parts of this beautiful valley.

In times gone by, Vallehermoso was the economical and cultural centre of La Gomera.

Today, Vallehermoso presents a more tranquil picture of itself.

Pretty Lanes

The past glamour of Vallehermoso can still be witnessed in the streets and decorated houses in the centre of town.

The more modern buildings are dominated by a much more practical architecture however.

Town Square of Vallehermoso

With it’s fountains and benches, the Plaza de la Constitution forms the lively centre of town.

The town hall, bars and banks surround the square, which is enclosed by a roundabout. Small streets diverge off in all directions.

Parish Church Iglesia San Juan de Bautista

A little further away from the Plaza, is the Iglesia San Juan de Bautista. The church tower rises above the centre of town, drawing attention to it’s cubed construction.

Inside, attractive stained glass windows can be admired.

The Lush Garden of Vallehermoso

Vallehermoso is well known for it’s lush orchards. Not only various tropical fruits and apricots grow here, but also apples, pears and plums.

Local produce can be bought in the market hall near the town square.

Playa de Vallehermoso

If you leave town and head in the direction of the sea, after about 3 kilometres, you will reach the Playa de Vallehermoso.

The gravel beach is surrounded by cliffs and because of the choppy ocean, should only be visited by experienced swimmers.

For this reason, a swimming complex was built. Changing rooms, showers and a snack bar surround this seawater swimming pool with a beautiful view.

Accommodation in Vallehermoso

The beautiful valley in the northwest of the island offers hikers and those looking for quiet wonderful lodgings in a traditional surrounding. An impressive volcanic spout characterise Vallehermoso.

Pictures of Vallehermoso

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