Many renound airlines fly daily to Tenerife. The flight takes just over four hours. With a bit of luck, you can find a relatively cheap charter flight, preferably to the Aeropuerto Reina Sofia (TFS) in the south of the island.

The costs of regular charter flights as well as for last-minute deals fluctuate a great deal at the moment.

It’s always worth comparing the fares of the individual airlines, even during high season, Christmas Time, New Year and Easter!

Flights to Tenerife

To the airport Tenerife-South

Because ferries to La Gomera depart from south Tenerife, it makes the most sense to choose Tenerife-South (Aueropuerto Reina Sofia, TFS) as your destination.

From the airport Tenerife-South, it’s best to take a taxi to the Harbour of the town Los Cristianos, where the ferries leave for La Gomera.

The taxi journey will coast you around 24 Euro, pay attention to the meter and tell the driver you would like the ferry to La Gomera.

You can buy the tickets for the ferry in the harbour terminal.

To the Airport Tenerife-North

Alternatively, you can take a charter flight to Tenerife-North (TFN), the airport is also known as Los Rodeos. From there you can fly directly to La Gomera (Playa Santiago).

To reach the ferries to La Gomera, take a taxi from Tenerife-North. The cheaper way is to take a bus to the bus terminal in the capital Santa Cruz.

Busses belonging to the ferry company Fred Olsen or other companies take you from here to Los Cristianos in the south to the ferry harbour.

Canary Flights

Small aircraft of the airline Binter Canarias fly between the nicely designed airport in the south of La Gomera and the neighbouring islands. You can fly comfortably and quickly to Gran Canaria and Tenerife up to three times a day.

General information about the flights by Binter Canarias will make your holiday planning much easier.

Getting to and from the Island’s airport

For the journey to and from the island’s airport near Playa Santiago, you can take one of the waiting taxis. A few busses also go to the airport.

The comfortable alternative: You can collect your reserved rental car directly at the airport. Naturally you can deliver the car back to the airport at the end of your holiday.

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