Specials La Gomera

Here you finde some specials about the island of La Gomera. Like the legend of Gara and Jonay, information about Columbus and El Silbo, the special whistling language of the inhabitants of this canary island.

Interesting specials about La Gomera

Los Organos

The massif to the north is considered to be the nicest basalt formation of the Canaries.

El Silbo

Because of the many deep ravines on La Gomera, the inhabitants developed the whistle-language El Silbo, a unique form of communication which has been added to Unesco’s list of conservation-worthy cultural assets.

Bola Canaria

Bola Canaria is a popular sport throughout the Canary Islands. Precision, skill and a bit of strength is needed during these riveting competitions, which are held on a 25 metre long rolled out track.

Christopher Columbus

The Island’s Capital is considered to be the departure point of Columbus’ journey to the New World. Even today, the island prides itself as being the „Isla Columbiana“ and islanders tell of how America was consecrated with water from La Gomera.

The Legend of Gara and Jonay

Before the Spanish conquest of the island, the beautiful princess Gara lived on La Gomera. She fell in love with the poor peasant’s son from Tenerife, Jonay. He reciprocated her feelings and sailed on a raft to the neighbouring island every day, to visit his love.