The Centre of the Island

The fascination national park Garajonay, with its evergreen misty forests, set the tone in the central highland of La Gomera. The white houses and terrace fields of the idyllic mountain villages cling to the green slopes of the volcanic island.

Popular places in the centre


The mountain village of Chipude, on the plateau, is considered to be the oldest settlement on La Gomera. Even in the pre-Spanish era, the inhabitants knew to appreciate the fertile land near the cult mountain, La Fortaleza.

El Cedro

In a high valley on the northern edge of Garajonay National Park, lies the small village of El Cedro. Weekend homes, country hostels and a bar popular with hikers liven up the remote settlement near the misty forests.

Pottery village in La Gomera's highlandsEl Cercado

The typical stone houses and newer buildings of the well known pottery village in the highlands of La Gomera lie embedded in a beautiful terrace landscape.

Las Hayas

Bordering the national park and surrounded by palm groves, the idyllic mountain village lies in a hilly landscape. Thick trade wind clouds often pass over Las Hayas, which lies at over 1000m above sea level, allowing for year-round farming.