La Playa

The tourist-centre of the valley is the district La Playa. Situated directly on the beach, it offers an attractive black sand beach as well as a multitude of apartments. A small promenade gives la Playa all the charm of a lovely beach town.

The image of La playa has changed dramatically in the past ten years.

In the 60s, Senora Maria rented out the first rooms to „flower children“.

Beach Promenade in La Playa

Today, La Playa has been transformed by well-tended apartments complexes and new rows of houses, which contain a diverse amount of boutiques and shops.

Restaurants, bars and a disco liven up the scene of this area. On the beach promenade of La Playa, apartment buildings with nice Canarian wooden balconies add to the charm of the place.

Even though the previous reputation has gradually changed, the area is still a lively part of La Playa.

Meeting Place Casa Maria

Holiday-makers and Spaniards alike enjoy an evening ritual here. Sipping cool drinks, everyone watches the sunset together, until the sun has completely disappeared over the horizon.

The scene is often accompanied by rhythmical drumbeats and young people juggling fire, creating quite an atmosphere.

Accommodation in La Playa

There is a diverse offering of accommodation in La Playa. After only a few steps you reach the attractive black sand beaches. A small promenade with bars and restaurants gives La Playa the charm of a bathing resort.

Pictures of La Playa

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