El Cedro

In a high valley on the northern edge of Garajonay National Park, lies the small village of El Cedro. Weekend homes, country hostels and a bar popular with hikers liven up the remote settlement near the misty forests.

The remaining locals have the Cedro stream, which flows year-round, to thank for their fertile terrace fields.

At an altitude of 850 metres, apple trees thrive alongside kiwi fruits and potatoes.

Adventurous Water tunnels

The hamlet of El Cedro offers those who dare the opportunity to journey underground through the mountain La Montananeta.

A water tunnel, 550m long and at a height of 1,70 metres, leads through the mountain.

If it hasn’t rained shortly beforehand, the way through is easy to traverse. Providing of course, that you have a torch or romantic candle with you.

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