La Puntilla

The district of La Puntilla was developed on the coastal stretch between the harbour district and the Playa de Valle Gran Rey. The attractive apartment complexes, restaurants and shops are clustered around the small lagoon Charco del Conde.

A small waterfront, with its palm trees and benches, is very appealing.

Let your unbridled view sweep over the blue Atlantic, towards the neighbouring island El Hierro.

Nature Protected in La Puntilla

The banks of La Puntilla are characterised by small, naturally formed pools in volcanic rock.

These basins are regularly flooded and because of this, make up an interesting environment for flora and fauna.

With this in mind, the place was declared to be a protected area.

Beautiful ambience and pool at Paraiso del CondeAccommodation in La Puntilla

Attractively designed accommodation have been built over the last few years in the district La Puntilla. Situated directly at the Atlantic, it is only a short walk to the beach and harbour.

Pictures of La Puntilla

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