The vast settlement on the northwest coast of La Gomera lies in an idyllic valley, with palm trees in abundance. Towering above the settlement are imposing cliffs. The frontal side opens up to a view of the blue Atlantic.

Located far away from any busy road, the village extends from the coast, up to 400m above sea-level. Alojera can be reached from Epina via a winding road.

Even this remote part of the green island has started booming over the past few years. New, attractive buildings have joined the cubic white houses of Alojera.

Playa de Alojera

The small district of Playa de Alojera is located in an inlet with a beach of fine black sand. A narrow, winding road slopes down to the sea.

The areas which used to house fishermen, have been transformed into small settlements over the past few years.

Directly next to the houses, cliffs tower over the beautiful playa.

Two small restaurants offer Canarian specialities and fresh fish.


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