Borbalan is a quiet town in Valle Gran Rey, situated between the sea and the slopes of the valley. Banana plantations and fruit trees surround Borbalan and its houses, which stretch from the traditional town centre to the harbour.

In the last few years, the origins of Borbalan have been supplemented by new shops, accommodation and a play park.

Canary Island date palms border the road leading from the bridge over the Valle Gran Rey’s Barranco to Gomera’s western harbour.

Quiet atmosphere

Orange and banana plantations are situated on either side of the town, with houses, apartment complexes and businesses spread out towards the harbour.

The mighty cliff of the Teguerguenche, the eastern edge of the Valle Gran Rey, provides the town’s backdrop.

Beaches near Borbalan

With Borbalan being just a few meters above sea level, the beaches of Valle Gran Rey can be reached in just a few minutes.

Children will enjoy swimming in the lagoon of La Puntilla and at the harbour beach in Vueltas. The valley’s largest beach, Playa de Valle Gran Rey is also close to Borbalan.

Accommodation in Borbalan

The district of Borbalan is situated half way between La Calera and Vueltas. Borbalan has grown over the past few years, new shops have been established, a small playpark has been opened.

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