The Legend of Gara and Jonay

Before the Spanish conquest of the island, the beautiful princess Gara lived on La Gomera. She fell in love with the poor peasant’s son from Tenerife, Jonay. He reciprocated her feelings and sailed on a raft to the neighbouring island every day, to visit his love.

But the relationship seemed to be doomed from the start. A priest predicted great misfortune for both parties. As the couple were about to be wed, the prophecy seemed to come true.

Misfortune and the Forces of Nature

A powerful earthquake shook Tenerife. The volcano Teide began spewing lava, the sea around La Gomera was turned blood-red and the island began to glow.

Because of this, the princess’ family tried to stop the marriage of the two and forcibly returned Jonay to Tenerife.

However, his love for the princess was so strong, that he returned to La Gomera only a few weeks later. Together the couple fled to the highlands and hid in the woods high up on the island.

Suicide Through a Lance

Neither of the two could find a way out of their situation. They took a lance made of laurel, sharpened at both ends and stabbed themselves in their chests.

The lovers met their deaths together, in each other’s embrace.

Since then, so say the Gomeros, the beautiful misty forest and what is now the national park on La Gomera, goes by the name Garajonay.