Casa Efigenia La Montana

A row of lush eucalyptus trees stands in front of the Casa Efigenia La Montana, a traditional restaurant in Las Hayas. The Casa Efigenia La Montana is well known far beyond the town for its vegetarian menu.

In the Casa Efigenia La Montana in Las Hayas, the landlady, Dona Efigenia, offers her guests Gomerian specialities in their purest form.

The traditional dining rooms have long rows of tables that have been pushed together to encourage conversation.

Popular destination on La Gomera

Hikers often use the restaurant Casa Efigenia La Montana as a destination for a wonderful nature hike around Las Hayas.

The Casa Efigenia can be reached by rental car from the Valle Gran Rey in about 45 minutes.

If you come hungry, you won’t regret it!

Vegetarian menu tipico

Guests can enjoy first-class salads (with fruit!) and a hearty gofio with spicy mojo.

This typical Canarian dish made from roasted corn flour is followed by a rustic vegetable stew in the Casa Efigenia La Montana.

Round off the meal with a dessert garnished with palm honey, a coffee, or home-made orange liqueur.

Traditional cuisine in the Casa Efigenia La Montana – todo al natural!

Impressions Casa Efigenia

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