Everyone and anyone have been meeting in the bistro of Sabrina and Bernd in Vueltas since 1992. In this ‘cafe with a twist’ you can enjoy the company over a wonderful glass of wine or fantastic breakfast.

The bistro’s menu offers 15 different, wonderfully garnished breakfast varieties, among others one created especially for children containing orange juice, Nutella and a balloon!

Breakfast in the Cafe with a twist

Among the varieties there are four types of muesli, 20 different filled Bocadillos, Croissants or wholemeal rolls, as well as further variations of breakfasts such as yoghurts, egg creations etc. … until 13.30pm!

Great coffee

There is plenty of coffee to choose from. Twelve different types to be precise: Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Brazilian, and many more.

The newspaper, backgamon, sport – take your pick

Not only can you meet nice people here, but you can also read newspapers almost fresh off the press, or other magazines and comics, which can all be read for free.

Or would you rather play a game of chess or backgammon?

Enjoy the bistro’s atmosphere as you watch exciting sporting events on a 50-inch screen.

Tried a crepe lately?

More than 25 delicious crepes in all variations will give your taste buds quite the treat. Freshly prepared, like everything in the bistro.

A good wine or a delicious cocktail will round off the meal perfectly.

You’ll always find a reason to stop by here, multiple times each day.

This isn’t just because of the bistro’s great selection, but also thanks to its friendly staff.

How to find us:

In Vueltas/Valle Gran Rey on the mainstreet. Or just ask for the bistro, which everyone knows … Now with free Wi-Fi!!

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