Casa Maria

The bright cladding and the combination of cafe and restaurant make the Casa Maria a meeting place for young and old. The lively, yet at the same time, relaxing atmosphere can be enjoyed here all day long.

For about 50 years, the Casa Maria has been an attraction and cult site for locals and tourists alike.

Legendary hangout

From the beautiful terrace you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Atlantic and traditionally, many people gather here each evening to watch the ocean turn blood red as the sun sets.

Canarian Cuisine

Enjoy your stay at the Casa Maria with a traditional Gomeran meal and a cool drink.

Escape the summer heat, meet new people, write postcards or just observe the lively goings-on at the beach or on the promenade.

Directly at the ocean

Nearby, shops invite you to browse and a few minutes walk leads you to the well known Playa de Ingles, a dune beach, surrounded by sheer cliff-faces and bordered by the wild Atlantic.


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