La Crema

In the original Italian ice cream parlours in the districts La Puntilla and La Playa in the Valle Gran Rey you will be spoilt for choice by the 24 flavours of premium quality ice cream. Every ice cream flavour is freshly made daily!

Besides the classic flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, we make unusual ice cream out of tiramisu, peppermint or coffee.

Ice cream with fruits of La Gomera

Enjoy our tropical fruit flavours such as papaya, mango, banana and maracuja, which are made with freshly harvested fruits from La Gomera.

Comfortable terrace

Enjoy one of 20 ice cream specialities on the comfortable and quiet terrace. A dreamy amaretto cup, out yoghurt specialities with fresh fruits or a Cielo Azul cup with orange juice, fresh fruit, ice cream, cream and Blue Curacao will amaze you!

Creations for two and ice cream for kids

We are particularly proud of our ice cream creations for two people to share, for example the Coppa La Crema, with chocolate sprinkles, amarettini, egg liqueur and chocolate sauce.

Children can look forward to the Pinocchio cup and naturally the popular spaghetti ice cream.

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