Places in Valle Gran Rey

The individual places of the Valle Gran Rey: La Playa, La Puntilla, La Calera, Vueltas, Borbalan and the towns in the Valle Gran Rey’s upper valley.

The districts of Valle Gran Rey

Fine-sandy beach and promenade in La Playa in Valle Gran ReyLa Playa

People meet up on La Playa’s small promenade, and relax in the terrace cafes, or on benches under the palm trees. La Playa is a beautiful place for a Gomera holiday by the sea in the Valle Gran Rey.

Statue Hautacuperche on the beach of La PuntillaLa Puntilla

Attractive hotels and holiday complexes can be found around La Puntilla’s small lagoon Charco del Conde. Anyone holidaying in La Puntilla will enjoy how close the beaches are.

La Calera

Situated on a mountainside, in the Valle Gran Rey, La Calera is a picturesque place with idyllic stairways and lanes. It has accommodation for hikers and holidaymakers searching for peace and quiet.

Harbor, ships and houses of Vueltas in Valle Gran ReyVueltas

Vueltas boasts the harbour of the Valley of the Great King. This traditional town has many rustic bars, nice restaurants and some independent accommodation.


Borbalan is a quiet town in Valle Gran Rey, situated between the sea and the slopes of the valley. Banana plantations and fruit trees surround Borbalan and its houses, which stretch from the traditional town centre to the harbour.

Green upper Valle Gran Rey with palmtreesUpper Valle Gran Rey

Hikers treasure the upper valley of the Valle Gran Rey. The sea can be reached quickly by rental car. The original small settlements are mainly populated by Gomeros.

The Legend of the Great King Hupalupa

They valley gets it’s name from the legendary king Hupalupa. In the pre-Spanish era, the fertile valley was the home of the ancient Canarian king.

Tales tell of his beautiful daughter, who, together with her father, could stop bad things happening to her people, thanks to her psychic abilities.

It is also told however, that the king’s son tried to sabotage his father’s plan to kill the Spanish tyrant Peraza.

Because of this Hupalupa stabbed his own son in front of his people.

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