Sano y Salvo

Let qualified personnel give you personalised recommendations on natural healing methods such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, or Schuessler salts in the pharmacy Sano y Salvo in the Valle Gran Rey.

The licensed consultant, Claudine Gloor, will give you expert advice in her pharmacy Sano y Salvo, which you can find in a car-free lane in the harbour quarter Vueltas in the Valle Gran Rey.

Stay healthy, thanks to good advice

Regardless of whether you have a cut finger, a bad cold, or a more chronic problem – the licensed consultant knows how to help.


Homeopathic remedies and combination medicines, creams, and a range of products by DHU especially for children are available in the pharmacy Sano y Salvo. The homeopathic PHU remedies are made in accordance with the methods of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Schuessler salts

You’re interested in Schuessler salts?

The popular mineral salts by the company DHU are now available on La Gomera.

You can purchase the Schuessler salts in packs of eighty tablets, or as a cream, in Sano y Salvo.


Spagyric is the speciality of the pharmacy Sano y Salvo. The spargyric method includes plant essences that are free from side effects and interactions.
The qualified consultant, Claudine Gloor, will put together a personal mix for you based on your symptoms.

These plant essences are proven time and again to be helpful against acute, but also chronic, illnesses.

Spagyric essences often have above-average success.

Additional range of products

Of course, the pharmacy in the Valle Gran Rey also offers an assortment of other natural products.

Pure essential oils, vitamins and minerals, nutritional supplements, products by A. Vogel, medicinal and drinking teas, baby care products, make-up and Canarian aloe vera products, small gifts, and typical local specialties complete the selection.


Sano y Salvo also has a wide range of massages on offer.

Enjoy Lumi Lumi from Hawaii, the medicinal Chinese Shiatsu, Dorn and Breuss, Reiki, foot-reflex, or a trance massage that will take you on a journey.
Of course, Sano y Salvo also offers a relaxing, classical deep-tissue massage.

Manual physiotherapy and medical lymph drainage are also part of the diverse range of massages offered by the green pharmacy Sano y Salvo in the Valle Gran Rey.

Impressions Sano y Salvo

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