Lomi Lomi Temple Massage Ralf

Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage style that you can now enjoy in the Valle Gran Rey.

The holistic form of Lomi Lomi massage clears blockages and eases tension on a physical and spiritual level and will get your energy flowing.

The art of Hawaiian massage

For generations, the art of Hawaiian massage has been conducted by Kahunas, shaman healers, at religious ceremonies and at the beginning of new life phases. Lomi Lomi is therefore also known as temple massage.

Massage and energy in the Valle Gran Rey

In his massage studio in the Valle Gran Rey, Ralf works with lots of underarm and reverse-grip techniques according to Hawaiian tradition.

The 90-minute massages can vary in intensity, even during one treatment. Temple massages can therefore be very gentle and calming.

They can also be challenging, however, sometimes bordering on painful in order to ease tension in the muscles.

Accompanied by relaxing hawaiian music, a Lomi Lomi massage will get your energy flowing again. The movements are fluid during the massage. Lomi Lomi treatment uses lots of high-quality oil.

The massage will rejuvenate you, realign body and soul, and increase your wellbeing.

Ralf Moll, who learned from the internationally renowned teacher Margareta Kappl, greatly enjoys his craft.

He offers the Lomi Lomi massage together with a colleague as well as a four-hand massage.


Trainings in several stages to Master Lomi Practicioner, Margareta Kappl.

Courses on the human energy Dasira Narada.

Impressions Lomi Lomi Temple Massage Ralf

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