Located directly on the beach promenade in the Valle Gran Rey, the jewellery store Oro sells handmade gold and silvery jewellery, as well as designer pieces from around the world. Oro’s selection is large, the designs are modern, and its atmosphere is welcoming.

Master goldsmith Christine Connert designs and makes her pieces of jewellery in the store’s own workshop.

Handmade gold and silver jewellery

Oro has more than just jewellery made from gold and silver; you can also choose from natural materials such as pearls and mother of pearl, lava stones, coconuts, glass, or wood.

Gemstones and semi-precious stones can also be admired in all their colours. Rough-diamond chains in black, grey, and crystal are part of the current collection.

Beautiful pieces from around the world

In addition to a diverse selection of jewellery, the Oro goldsmith’s workshop also has beautiful accessories, including light scarves, and select cashmere cloth.

Small sculptures and other decorative pieces are part of the tasteful product range.

The Oro jewellery store is located directly on the popular promenade in the Valle Gran Rey’s La Playa district, right by the main beach Playa de Valle Gran Rey.

Impressions Oro

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