Buenavista Tour

From the Laguna Grande, we bike back along a terrific street descent, until the crossing Apartacaminos. A quiet street takes us through a wonderful area of rainforest to the holy wells.

At the legendary Chorros de Epina, we stop for a water break and leave the road shortly afterwards.

The trail leads us through a cragged, desolate landscape with impressive views of the cliffs of the north east. Passing the chapel Santa Clara, we reach the viewpoint Buenavista.

Fantastic views

From there we have a fantastic view of the Teide, the highest mountain of Tenerife at 3.718 metres.

The wild cliffs of the north and the valley of Vallehermoso with its countless, century-old terraces which reach up to the mountain ridges impressively.

After a picnic, the climb back along the same route leads back to Valle Gran Rey, which we reach after a magnificent descent.

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