Boat tours

A boat takes interested parties to the unique basalt wall Los Organos, in the northern part of the island. Boat tours to the Organ pipes and around the island can be organised from Valle Gran Rey and Playa Santiago.

A boat tour along the rugged western coast of La Gomera allows you to witness the impressive proof of La Gomera’s volcanic origin.

Along the wild coast of La Gomera

The tour to Los Organos, the Organ pipes, takes you past beautiful valleys, sheer cliff-faces and isolated inlets. The sea at the Punta de Peligro is often very churned up.

This is the spot where the ship leaves the lee of the island and sails into the open Atlantic.

Los Organos

The arrival at the organ-cliffs opens up a view to the famous wall, made of narrow, precisely formed basalt pillars.

Classical music played in the background adds to the amazing atmosphere of this stretch of coast.

Around the Island

Weather permitting, the tour boats try to circle the entire island of La Gomera. The boat passes the green north with Vallehermoso, Hermigua and further on, San Sebastian to the east.

Dolphins and Whales

With a bit of luck, dolphins and whales can be seen off the coast of La Gomera. Breaks to snorkel and swim are as much a part of these tours as Canarian food.

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