Restaurant El Coco Loco

Visit our romantic restaurant El Coco Loco, with its Canarian flair and a small and inviting, lovingly kept garden. Let us spoil you with Canarian and international specialties in the Valle Gran Rey.

We use the freshest produce to create delicious, elegant dishes.

One look at the menu will show you the great selection on offer.

Canarian & international specialities

Come and enjoy local specialties such as almogrote, organic goat’s cheese, Gomerian wine, and marinated olives. Round off your cosy evening with a glass of island schnapps, just as the mountain farmers do.

We recommend trying the ‘filet de cherne’ with fresh herbs from El Cedro, or a filet of bass in a peanut crust and a picante passion-fruit sauce.

Special dishes at the weekend

At the weekend, the restaurant El Coco Loco has a selection of special dishes to choose from.

On Saturdays, the chef recommends the baked fish, cantarero, with papas arrugadas and spicy mojo rojo.

Sunday is schnitzel day, when we serve pork schnitzel Coco Loco in different variations.

Coco Bar

Enjoy fantastic wines from all over Spain, including wine from the Canary Islands, of course.

We also offer a selection of wines from Chile, Argentina, and Australia. We will be happy to make recommendations for you over a glass of wine in our newly designed wine corner.

We look forward to your visit!

Your Coco Loco Team, Family Leistner

Impressions Restaurant El Coco Loco

How to find us:
The El Coco Loco is in Borbalan in the Valle Gran Rey, behind the post office and directly across from the park-like children’s play area.

Contact Coco Loco

Your request or reservation will be sent directly to the Restaurant El Coco Loco.

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