Casa La Florida

The Casa La Florida in the Valle Gran Rey has three large, well-kept mini studios on offer and is situated on La Calera’s upper slopes. The Casa La Florida lets guests enjoy beautiful panorama views of the Valle Gran Rey and the sea from a quiet location.

The Casa La Florida is framed by green terraces and natural stone walls, making it the perfect place to relax.

Beautiful panorama view

The view from the terraces stretches over the district of La Calera, past palm trees and banana plantations, and out across the blue Atlantic behind the Valle Gran Rey.

The well-kept house, with many nooks and crannies to explore, stands above neighbouring houses on a mountain slope of the La Merica plateau.

Six studios in the upper La Calera

Hikers and those looking to relax will appreciate the location of the Casa La Florida amongst the car-free stairways and lanes. A staircase leads up to the Casa Florida from the small village road in La Caleras.

It’s worth making the ascent: the panorama view and the quiet location are what make the Casa La Florida so charming.

Large studios with panorama view and terraceCasa La Florida Studios

The Casa La Florida studios in La Calera are a great place for guests to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Valle Gran Rey. The Casa La Florida’s three spacious studios each have a large terrace with a great view of the valley and the ocean.

Casa La Florida Mini-Studios

The Casa La Florida mini studios in the Valley Gran Rey’s La Calera district are an alternative for flexible travellers looking for a small, good-value accommodation. The individually furnished mini studios have a communal terrace.


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